Slip Box Sploelenge

P3X-001 Okay the first one was inspired by FanFic writer Space-Invader-x
        so thank you!
She set a great example so go check her FanFics.

Write a FanFic where Ianto Jones has to go undercover. It can be AU or
related and be in any category you want.

P3X-002 Is related to one of our categories and we hope you'll take the

        Vita Pristinus - Write a Jack/Ianto centric FanFiction (Tosh, Owen and 
Gwen are allowed to be in the story too) that is set in
             another era, century or past institution. The story has to 
             consider the living circumstances on earth during this period or 
             other special conditions - example for a royal family or a secret
             society. Real historical persons are allowed to be included.
             It does not have to be a slash story but should display a close
             friendship between Capt. Jack and Ianto Jones.
             Jack and Ianto can accidentally meet or 'work' together. It can
             also be master/footmen or enemy vs. enemy situation

Examples - Victorian, Celtic era, Roma, Greek, Samurai, Germanic, King Arthur, Pilgrim, Pirates, any royal dynasty you can come up with, Napoleonic Wars or as members of the British Empire, Saxons, Wettins, Habsburgs, monks and the roman church in general
Century from 12th to 19th

P3X-003 "Countrycide" is the Archivist's most favourite season 1 episode.   
        But it did not
end perfect.

Write a missing scene or episode related Fanfic that deals with the aftermath of 'Countrycide'. How was the journey home, how did Toshiko and Ianto deal with it? Did Owen remember his Doctor-mode patching up Ianto and Tosh or did he only concentrate on Gwen and her needs? How did Jack deal with his own actions about splitting up the team. Did the finally forgive Ianto for his actions in 'Cyberwomen' and so on. These are just suggestions.

P3X-004 "Countrycide" again.

      Write a missing scene: What happened to Ianto in between the time 
      when Tosh run for her life and Owen, Tosh and Gwen arriving back in
      the 'hells kitchen'. Why could the cannibals not hung up Ianto as
      they'd done with all the other victims?