Slip Box Sploelenge 2

P3X-005 "Adam" is the Archivist's most favourite season 2 episode, but we only
         saw what impact it had when Gwen forgot about Rhys.

Write a missing scene about what memories were removed from the other

members and what exactly the consequences were.
    What if Ianto had forgotten about Jack or how to make coffee, or Tosh 
    loosing something of her brilliance due to 'Adam', not only believing she  
    was in luv with him. How did Owens life change during those 48 hours? He
    must have felt pretty strange coming home to his flat, mustn't he?
    What consequences were there for Ianto since 'Adam' fed him the 'bad 

P3X-006 air duct slash challenge - because we like a whumped and messy Mr

Write a slash FanFic of the category HC, A/A, V or ER were Ianto Jones has to crawl through an air duct and ends up in caring hands of Capt. Jack Harkness.
Co-team members are allowed to appear too.

P3X-007 okay WARNING this challenge involves GwenB/CD

      Write a FanFic with a really very evilGwen that plots against the
      rest of the
TORCHWOOD team after the happenings of "They keep killing
      Suzie" - and no it's
not Suzie's responsibility. Character death of
      Gwen in the end is preferred but we are open for other solutions.

P3X-008 As we all know the TORCHWOOD hub is quite big, yet all we every 
        see is the
main hub, some vaults, the medical bay and Capt. Jack's 
        beautiful office - we haven't even seen the famous archives yet.
        But we too know that you can hide a 'Cyberwoman' easily, so:

Write a FanFic that includes what is also down there. Is it possible for something alien or dangerous to hide there too? How much unsecured space, halls, hidden places could be accidentally discovered.


Write a FanFic were Ianto is in the Archives sorting through old TW doohikeys and getting affected by it. Can be good or bad, poison or any other physical/psychical harm

If you'd like to add a challenge, please send the Archivist an email with your pen/user name the challenge and terms and it will be added.