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in this section you find all what we could so far gather about the two TORCHWOOD seasons. So the obligatory Episode Guide for season 1 and 2, Episode Transcripts and one day, we promise some Episode Reviews. But you know how it is archivists are busy these days, we miss Ianto here he at least knew the ins & outs!
For further fancy stuff we've added some soundbits and some transcripts. Episode Guide is down this page.
1.  Everything Changes
2.  Day One
3.  Ghost Machine
4.  Cyberwoman
5.  Small Worlds
6.  Countrycide
7.  Greeks Bearing Gifts
8.  They Keep Killing Suzie
9.  Random Shoes
10. Out Of Time
11. Combat
12. Captain Jack Harkness
13. End Of Days

1.  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2.  Sleeper
3.  To The Last Man
4.  Meat
5.  Adam
6.  Reset
7.  Dead Man Walking
8.  A Day In The Death
9.  Something Borrowed
10. From Out Of The Rain
11. Adrift
12. Fragments
13. Exit Wounds

'Children of Earth'

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Day 4
Day 5
5-parter mini series, or s3 as we were told