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General FF Disclaimer - TORCHWOOD (+Dr Who) and it's characters, aliens, stories, names, terms and everything/one that appears in the series does not belong to the FanFic-writers, but the BBC, (+RTD and J Gardener) and other disgusting people. The Fanfic writers do also not earn money with their stories posted on The stories are for entertainment purpose only (DRAMA doesn't count as entertainment).
However, the story lines, plots, additional characters etc. belong to the FanFic writers and are their creation and property! Their stories are not to be archived or re-posted on other pages without the author's permission!

For the benefit of the readers we'd ask you that your FanFic was Beta-read at least once and has seen a spellchecker before it is posted here. A writer can always improve his/her style and the best way to do this is check your story several times yourself and let it read by at least one other person before it is published.


Any TORCHWOOD origin related material
Welcome are all Jack/Ianto (aka Janto) FanFics, no matter what category Gen or Slash and respective sub-categories - please note also the Category Slip Box.
Of course almost every other pairing, Gen, Het or Slash is allowed too!

We also accept the hard stuff like death Fics, bashing or kinky stuff, but we BEG every FanFic writer who submits a story to state a CLEAR warning of what is their FanFic about - the archivist never wants to read a Ianto/Weevil FanFic EVER again. So please ensure that the users know what they get when they read your FanFic. And don't come with the 'I spoil the surprise when I say it's a death fic'. Please use the Summary/Warning box when submitting your FanFic. Check out the Warning Slip Box for more info.
We accept DrWho/TW Xovers, but request again to please state if your FanFic is a Xover, also with any other shows. In this case please add a separate disclaimer above your story.
Please check out our Challenge Slip Box and participate!


As stated on our DISCLAIMER page Gwen/Jack 'shippy nonsense is not tolerated on this site and in this archive. Sorry if you want to submit these, you have to go to another place. Only exception is, if the Gwack scene belongs to the plot and is due to "the aliens made them do it" and turns out to be not true, an illusion or evilGwen who drugged Jack into a relationship with her. Other than this no romantic involvement between Capt. Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper on this place!

We do not accept unfinished FF. Please make sure your FF story is finished before posting it here. We accept a series of course, even with cliff-hangers, but to keep this FF archive clear and structured we would like to ask you to only post finished stories, no single chapters, THANK YOU!

Special note: If you submit a fanfic you MUST turn off the preview option to upload your fanfic. It's marked ' green' in the submit section.

Now go and write (;