Name: Gwen Cooper Williams

Orientation: egocentric

Rank: being

Status: active (but I really don't care!)

Xtra Credits: doe eyes, leadership

Previous Service: South Wales police officer
                        and coffee girl

Material Status: married to Rhys Williams

The author(s) apologises ex ante! This portrait will be very short and as non-emotional as I can manage. If anyone wants to contribute a nice Gwen Cooper portrait, feel free to send one in.

Gwen Cooper is a young energetic police officer in Cardiff. By accident she stumbles over the TORCHWOOD institution and starts to investigate Captain Jack Harkness. She's like a small dog on a hunt. Ones she gets her teeth into something she won't leave it no matter what friends or colleagues or bosses tell her. One could also say she sometimes is too nosey for her own good, but somehow this attracts Capt. Jack Harkness and he recruits her for his team.
Gwen Cooper is also married to her former boyfriend/fiance and now husband Rhys Williams. A man with never ending patience and understanding for the love of his life.
Her moral standards and somehow naive way of seeing things are what Capt. Jack is keen on for his and the TORCHWOOD's sake. Though it is the question whether a woman that 'loves' her fiance, sleeps with her co-worker and lusts after her boss at the same time is the correct indicator for moral behaviour. Aside from this, Gwen Cooper is a person that believes in the good will of humanity and who is a thoroughly optimistic character, that tends to judge people too fast and sees the world in black and white colouration. If she is really the idol for 21st century human behaviour than we are already doomed.