Name: Ianto Jones

Birth: 19/08/1983 earth

Rank: TORCHWOOD Three administrator, archivist,    
         beloved tea-boy

Orientation: bi-sexual

Status: active (sort of, should be the interactive computer voice & brain for the new Hub.. or bring him back)

Xtra Credits: Sexiest voice of the 21st century, 
                  he knows everything

Previous Service: TORCHWOOD One employee

Material Status: currently in a relationship with Capt. Jack Harkness

Ianto Jones, Welshman and sexiest voice of the 21st century who looks dashing in a suit, but even better out of it, is unquestionably the man you should worship if you love coffee. According to his team mates it is legendarily good. But taking a closer look at Mr Jones you should never make the mistake of reducing his abilities, intellect and passion to making coffee. Ianto Jones is a mentally strong person with a lot of courage.
His job description says that he is TORCHWOOD's archivist and though we actually never got to take a close look, he must be brilliant. He is also the admin wizard of the TORCHWOOD Three institution, ´cleaning up`, what the team leave in their wake. And no, not only empty pizza boxes, we talk corpses, witnesses and victims here.
The TORCHWOOD's 'tea-boy' seems to be very simple and predictable, but following his steps the contrary is the fact. We see him, we love his witticism, his remarks about 'sexual harassment' towards Capt. Jack Harkness, his one liners that keeps you giggling for hours, his perfect timing in the case of 'what does my team need'. But do we know Ianto Jones? Do we know what he is like outside the Hub? What his flat looks like, what his interests are, his family? No. And so it is not surprising that he never stops to amaze and shock. Not always with positive revelations, like hiding his girlfriend Lisa and half converted Cyberwoman in the sub levels of the TORCHWOOD Three Hub. The very motivation behind every action Ianto did in TORCHWOOD Three, until she died at the hands of his team mates. Still this event prooved one thing. If Ianto Jones loves he does everything that it takes to protect whom he loves and to help, even if it costs him everything. A loyalty that spilled over to his team and Capt. after he went the long hard way to make up for his mistakes with Lisa/Cyberwoman. He is also a person who does not give up easily, who thinks in every direction possible and who helps and supports in a way so that no one is actually aware of it.
Ianto Jones was also the only one of the current TORCHWOOD Three team that was not recruited by Capt. Jack Harkness into the team, but applied for it. After two failed attempts by rescuing Capt. Jack from a Weevil and trying to convince him with a cup of Ianto-coffee, it was the capture of a lost Pterodactyl that finally got him into TORCHWOOD Three. Though Capt. Jack had stated very clearly that he did not want an ex-Torchwood One employee around him. So the way of Ianto Jones has, from what we know, always been unconventional and mysterious. It has been exciting and instructional. It has been changed by the events that he had to deal with, influencing his interaction with his team mates but prompting a romantic relationship with Capt. Jack Harkness. Yet knowing him in the not-knowing way, there is so much more to come.

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