SPOILER WARNING: you'll find book and audiobook recommendation here and yes some reviews, so
        there will be spoilers, of course! For "The undertaker's Gift' I made an exception.

So lets start with my most favorite one "The Sin Eaters"! An absolute
MUST HAVE for everyone who adores the voice of Gareth David-Lloyd
and frankly - hands up, who does not? See.

"Alien larvae in a baptismal font mark the beginnings of a terrifying adventure for the Torchwood team."
Well, I wouldn't say it's terrifying, but it is a good story, mainly because of the way it is read by GDL and because it is a team story! YES quite a rare thing, I know, but it got good team interaction, even though most of the time they are seperated, but it works perfect. And for once Capt. Jack and Ianto get paired up in a good and productive way. Funny too that some of the fanon bits and peices become canon. The only odd thing is that GDL actually speaks Ianto different than in the show, while he sounds more like Ianto when he reads from autor POV. Also the Lewis Hamilton bits do not strike me as funny, whereas I do like the TopGear reference a lot.   The way GDL reads Rhys is hilarious, and I absolutely luv those quips all the time Gwen does one of her 'all super woman everyone loves Gwen' appereances, it's great. And best of course, Ianto Jones  is just brilliant. And you sort of have all these *awhh* moments, so if you haven't listened to it, hurry up and do so!

"Golden Age" is one of the BBC audioplays for Torchwood and I have to say this one is great fun. I've listened to it about 56 times and I still can laugh about the conversation and scenes, it's great! I even do like Gwen and for a change she's not the centre of the universe or Jack. Very refreshing! Do I need to tell Ianto is written and spoken great as usual and so not howling, but as strong character! Way to go But you too sort of like the 'bad guys' in this one, as well. Anyway I really do like the

scenes between Ianto and Gwen (never thought I would ever say this) especial when they search the place and
Gwen is about to explode over "having a lay down" suggested by George.
Okay I am a bit schizophrenic about this one. On the one hand I absolutely love the story, the moments between Jack and Ianto, especial of course with Ianto's little speech to Jack, even though he's 'not much of a talker' and Ianto's humor, hilarious! On the other hand I do absolutely not like where this audioplay leads me. For one, to the dreadful CoE, and secondly all those lines that refer to Ianto's not-death, like Gwen saying: "This is it. you and me Rhys, team Torchwood" This is just so absolutely WRONG. And also that Ianto comes up with the actual solution but
like in some books he's not the 'guts' to go through with it and depends on the others to make him finally do it and in this case save Jack and all these people. I dunno I just don't like it, Ianto is not a whiny character, but in this audioplay they sort of put him back to where he was in season 1. But maybe that's just me. Of course on the plus site is: "But you'll never be a blip in time Ianto Jones, not for me." I just wished I had never seen CoE.  
Upon request I try not to spoil, so no quotes and to keep the rant at bay. Though I have to say "The undertaker's Gift" is actually one of the few TW books
worth for recommendation. For one, it got less flaws in case of the characters,
timeline and TW plots, and secondly "Gwen trapped in a forgotten crypt" (that's no spoilering it's written on the back) was just too tempting and the very reason why I
brought the book. Apart from the promised Ianto-Whumping of course, and especial one with him living and Jack and him beeing an item.

In the end I was not disappointed, but the story isn't as absorbing as "Twighlight Streets" for example. I think because there are chapters which are way to dragged
out, those chapters tend to include a lot of Gwen Cooper, naturally. And I have to
say the writing style, well is not bad but some FF writers can do a more decent job, but this is something a lot might not agree to, just my POV.

Anyway looking at the story, the plot is a good one, got some really nice twists you do not see and you actually
can speculate while reading, where it might go, which I like a lot, it means it's not written obvious. Like who is the assassin that hunts Jack and why ist Capt. Harkness so paranoid about it? What's with Ianto feeling unwell and
Jack noticing, but as usual having 'more important things on his mind', the writer must have read some FanFic, I
dare to say. Also Ianto trying to point out something more important to Jack, and you'd like to scream at the Capt. "just listen to him" is great, because it means you actually got into the story. On the other hand I had to fight the urge to skip the very dragged out G*F*C parts and non canon characters, I really could not warm up to, but this again is maybe just my problem. Though during the last chapters the writer does all the things with G*F*C that I find so absolutely irritating about this character. If you can blend this out however, you can enjoy the Gwen-Ianto scenes, Jack/Ianto of course and Ianto Jones in his element, but be aware of the fact that Gwen is the centre of the universe and more important, Jack's, the writer makes quite sure you do not miss this point. But he too writes Ianto very good, at least I did enjoy it a lot, angsty Ianto is there as well and as mentioned before Ianto-whumping and he manages it all fine! He's a tough tea-boy!
  So I'd say try and read it, the story really has some surprises in there and the characters not OCD, despite some added stuff. It's not a masterpiece but in compare to other TW books one can actually enjoy it without thinking "
did this person ever watch Torchwood and is familiar with the concept of SciFi ".