s1 TW Small Worlds
s1 TW Countrycide
s1 TW Greeks Bearing Gifts
s1 TW They Keep Killing Suzie
s1 TW Random Shoes
s1 TW Out of Time
s1 TW Combat
s1 TW Capt. Jack Harkness
s1 TW End of Days

s2 TW Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

s2 TW Sleeper

s2 TW To the last Man

s2 TW Meat

s2 TW Adam

s2 TW Reset

s2 TW Dead Man Walking

s2 TW A Day in Death

s2 TW Something Borrowed

s2 TW From out of Rain

s2 TW Adrift

s2 TW Fragments

s2 TW Exit Wounds

Sorry those transcripts take a while and I only started but I'll try to add more. For "Children of Earth" we have Synopsis, beautifully done by Kim! Thanks!

The transcripts are BETAed by Delta, thank ya's for that, also some of the comments involved are done by her *evil smirk*

'Children of Earth'

bloody,darn pox arsed buggers